Research projects on Meteoritics and Planetary Science developed through PhD thesis topics

All Together Taskforce for Advancing Research Innovation and Knowledge


The ATTARIK foundation research team is working on Meteoritics and Planetary science since 2001. Many research topics are developed mostly related to PhD student’s thesis.
- Classification and submission of meteorites to the Nomenclature committee of the Meteoritical Society
- Observed meteorite falls in Morocco: all latest Moroccan falls has been studied and submitted by our team since the Benguerir meteorite (2004)
- Martian meteorites: the most famous Martian meteorite fall of the century “Tissint” was first prospected by ATTARIK Foundation researchers (Chennaoui Aoudjehane et al., 2012 Science paper)
- Eucrites: Tirhert Moroccan meteorite fall is a special eucrite that is studied currently by Taha SHISSEH (ATTARIK Foundation board of directors)
- Micrometeorites, microspherules and meteorites fusion crust: currently studied by Larbi ZENNOURI
- Density and flux of meteorites in desert of North Africa: PhD thesis of Maria Aboulahris
- Al Haggounia 001 enstatite chondrite: PhD thesis of Mohamed Hassan Leili
- Impact cratering in Morocco: Souad Chaabout and Houda El Kerni PhD thesis defended on 2015 and 2019 respectively about the systematic searching of circular structures in Morocco and Agoudal, the first impact structure in Morocco
- Impact cratering in Mauritania: Elycheikh Ould Mohamed Naviee PhD thesis topic “The systematic searching of circular structures in Mauritania to identify potential new impact craters".

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